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USDOT Hazardous Materials Training

The USDOT Hazardous Materials comprehensive training course is for everyone involved in packing, marking, labeling, accepting, shipping, loading, or transporting hazardous materials and dangerous goods for shipment by road, rail, water or air.

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USDOT Hazardous Materials Training

This course qualifies for the 3-yr hazardous materials shipping certification required in order to safely ship hazardous materials in the United States. This course covers all USDOT required content for SHIPPERS of hazardous waste. This course takes approximately 4 hours to complete and includes learning assessments and issuance of a certificate at the end of the course. Certificate is valid for 3-years from the date of issue.

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Are you used to spending 2 or 3 days in class to learn about USDOT and/or Hazardous Waste Training? Then come experience the Thrival Company’s online course instead. This is not your ordinary compliance training and was developed in a consolidated topic and learning approach to achieve topic mastery in a minimal amount of time.

DOT Topics covered include:

• What is a DOT hazardous material?

• Steps for Hazmat Transportation

• Recognizing and responding to security threats

• Classifying hazardous materials

• Using the 49 CFR 172.101 table and selecting shipping names

• General packaging requirements

• Selecting authorized packaging (non-bulk, bulk, excepted)

• Packaging specification, filling and closing packages

• Marking and labeling packages

• Preparing Shipping Papers and Manifests

• Placarding requirements

• Loading, unloading, and segregation rules

• Record keeping and training mandates, Reporting hazmat incidents

• Regulatory reliefs and special permits

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