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So much training required, and so little time and resources to get it done.

Training That Does Not Suck makes it easy to affordably train your workforce and stay in compliance, all on a schedule that works for you with our 24/7 anytime access.

Buy an annual license for unlimited users and unlimited courses. Available across our entire catalog of compliance courses, individual course libraries or a customized “pick 3” – any 3 courses for the year, unlimited users still applies.


Learning made easy, convenient, and affordable, allowing companies to maintain a highly competent workforce while not worrying about schedules, availability, and cost.

People need to be awake to learn! Our philosophy is that when people are engaged in their learning process, they feel interested and empowered to learn and are able to retain even complicated, detailed information.

We differ from other training providers by taking concepts, that can be complicated to present even in face-to-face training sessions, and making them easy to understand, step-by-step, fun and engaging in an online format, accessible at the learner’s convenience 24/7.

We believe that the best results are obtained when we and you follow a Code of Honor that allows us to deliver results in a positive, accountable, life-changing context and allows you to reach your goals in a way you may not have experienced be­fore in the workplace!

EMPOWERMENT Our job is to foster independence and competency.

IT’S MY FAULT FIRST We will look first internally and see what we own in any break­down that happens. We are not victims of external circumstances; we are powerful change leaders.

MISTAKE/LEARN We will achieve excellence in all that we do, not perfection. We live on a learning planet. We will learn and take action, not focus on the failure.

WE WORK IN TEAMS NOT SILOS Many organizations fail to achieve goals because they create silos. As a result, their separate business units battle each other instead of achieving the vision and mission of the organization. Therefore, all projects, initiatives, and goals will be assigned, integrated in the plan and communicated across all impacted business units.

FEEDBACK DEEPENS RELATIONSHIPS We are out to achieve the big hopes, dreams and aspirations of our clients. We will be masters at giving and receiving both positive and negative feedback.

ALL RELATIONSHIPS WILL BE WIN/WIN We are committed that all relationships per­sonal, professional, and financial will be designed win/win for all parties. We believe in a view of abundance and support for everyone to achieve their goals.

ANYONE FROM ANY BACKGROUND OR EDUCATION CAN LEAD AND BE A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF ANY TEAM We are a leadership and team building orga­nization. It is our job to see every person in every organization as the ‘10’ they can be based on their unique skills and abilities, not where they are stuck at right now.

WHO YOU ARE ‘BEING’ IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT YOU ARE DOING We can mentor and teach you the skills you need to do your job—but are you being an ef­fective leader, a good team player, an accountable task manager or people manager?

NEVER ABANDON A TEAMMATE IN NEED In the military, they refer to this code as ‘no man (or woman) left behind’. When you have a teammate in need, the team is expected to come together and support a solution.


Join Over 20,000 Professionals Enjoying Training That Does Not Suck Right Now

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