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Have you ever had a great idea and it never happened?

Most big ideas never make it out of our heads, much less into our work, home or community. Yet all positive change in our society can be attributed to people fulfilling on big ideas despite failures, resistance, and mistakes. You can be one of those ‘idea’ leaders!

After 20+ years of working as an auditing leader with people across every level of government, business, and non-profit, Elizabeth Frisch has found that being a person who can take big ideas to reality has nothing to do with where you came from or what education you have had. It has everything to do with mastering simple practices to nurture the idea out of your head, sharing it, and spreading it into the world, whether it takes you 1 month or 100 years.

This course teaches 8 practices to help you become a master at shepherding an idea out of your head and into your home, workplace, community and world. You will get a practical, replicable framework that scales to any size of organization.

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Module 1 – What is your big idea(s) and why isn’t it done yet?

  • Why do 99.9% of ideas in your head fail to launch?
  • Where did all those good ideas go?
  • Your Automatic Vision Paralysis Paradigm
  • Your goals are programmed to fail – how to avoid that now and forever!
  • Survival vs. Thrival phenomena in all organizations
  • Your individual impact on being an Idea Hero or an Idea Zero
  • Corporate/organizational level impacts on revenue, profits, innovation and employee satisfaction

Module 2 – The Stages of Idea Growth (or Death) – Achieving Mastery of Idea Leadership

  • The Stagnation Model of project/idea development
  • The Expansion Model of project/idea development

Module 3 – Shift Your Mind (and your Culture) to Big Idea Mastery

  • Cognitive blindness to 360 degree awareness
  • Anchoring your idea in reality
  • The Secret movie never gave you the ‘secret’ to making big ideas happen

Module 4 – Most ideas fail at the communication phase

  • How we communicate versus how the human mind listens
  • How to fertilize your idea through communication
  • 5 words that sabotage all ideas/projects and increase chance of failure
  • Advocates, allies, and other important support systems
  • Mastering your one-minute mission message (Your OM3)

Module 5 – Your (and others) emotional baggage

  • The 7 voices in your head that kill your ability to implement
  • Overcoming objections (your own and others)

Module 6 – Building and Sustaining your Big Idea Team

  • How to build and grow high performing teams
  • The Leadership Compass Tool
  • Identifying and capitalizing on learning and management styles to drive high performance
  • Who people are being is often more important then what they know – building the right team to deliver high performance
  • The dynamics of failure and success in your teams
  • How do you find the right team? (Internal and external networking)

Module 7 – Building your call to action (Your business case)

  • Do you speak the language of leadership, strategy, finances, technology, marketing & sales, human resources?
  • The power of the new social media environments to drive change and idea implementation
  • Excellence over perfection
  • Effective case/project design
  • Root cause analysis to solve the right problem the first time!

Module 8 – Building your fan base

  • Are you ‘donor/people-centric’ – Why most change initiatives fail to implement or fail once implemented
  • Who are the five personalities that support (or kill) your idea
  • Defining your ideal idea avatar(s)
  • Building your idea to millions of fans, supporters, customers (or whatever your goal is)

Module 9 – Commit or quit

  • How we have been taught to write bad goals, bad plans and therefore, torpedo our execution
  • Technology and culture – the intersection to making ideas succeed or fail
  • The simple project framework and strategic plan
  • Making it last – why most organizations and teams fail in the first five years and how you won’t
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